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Migration story: mid-latitude cyclones, Plains temperature anomalies, Edmund Fitzgerald, and Franklin’s Gulls, Part 2

We posted previously on the exceptional movements of Franklin’s Gulls and Cave Swallows that occurred around 13 November 2015. The first post set the stage for how these species appeared so far out of range, and we follow with this post about some rumination about why this event took place. Here, we consider the combined effects […]

Migration story: mid-latitude cyclones, Plains temperature anomalies, Edmund Fitzgerald, and Franklin’s Gulls

November 13 saw an epic Franklin’s Gull and Cave Swallow flight to the East Coast of the United States, the likes of which have not been previously recorded. Here, we describe in the first of a three part series how and why this unprecedented event occurred.

Will 2015 be the new 2012 for Razorbill in the southeast?

Some seriously anomalous displays of displacement, entrainment, diversion, and irruption, highlighted the birding landscape of 2012. Of particular note was the unprecedented invasion of Razorbills in the southeastern US and the Gulf of Mexico. BirdCast spent some time chronicling these events and begins a discussion of whether 2015 might see a similar occurrence.

Regional Migration Forecast: 20-27 November 2015

A late period arrival of favorable conditions will see light to moderate movements, primarily waterfowl, in the West, while the first half of the period in the East will see moderate flights scattered across the region.

Regional Migration Analysis: 13-20 November 2015

A quiet late season week in the West saw primarily scattered light movements, while a wild post-frontal passage ride of Franklin's Gulls and Cave Swallows in the Northeast highlighted the period's primarily localized light to moderate flights.

Regional Migration Forecast: 13-20 November 2015

Mid to late period conditions will be favorable for scattered light to moderate pulses of movements featuring American Wigeon, Cooper's Hawk, Golden Eagle, American Coot, Snowy Owl, and Red-winged Blackbird in the West, while a strong frontal passage early in the weekend brings moderate to heavy flights of Mallard, Snow Goose, Hooded Merganser, Common Merganser, Purple Sandpiper, Bonaparte's Gull, and American Robin to the East.

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