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Bird Migration Forecasts in Real-Time

When, where, and how far will birds migrate? Our migration forecasts will answer these questions for the first time.

Scientific Discussion

Isaias arrives

Hurricane Isaias is forecast to make landfall in the US on the Carolina coast after grazing the Florida Peninsula and passing directly over the Bahamas and nearby islands. This storm will likely produce hazardous conditions where it passes, including damaging winds, dangerous storm surges, and torrential rains with flooding, and it will bring seabirds and other entrained and displaced species ashore far afield from their typical locations. Check out our live sightings map at the end of the post; and follow updates as we make them.

A tropical system may make landfall in Texas

A tropical system is building in the Gulf of Mexico, forecast to intensify in the coming days and then move ashore in central or southern Texas. Whether this system intensifies to hurricane strength or continues as a tropical storm or depression, it is likely to bring an array of seabirds ashore in southern and central Texas and possibly northern Mexico.

Tropical Storm Fay

Tropical Storm Fay is a fast moving system that is forecast to travel a similar path to Hurricane Irene at a similar time as Tropical Storm Bertha. What will this system hold for those that can observe safely in the DelMarVa, coastal New Jersey and Long Island, Hudson River Valley, Lake Champlain, and St. Lawrence RIver Valley areas?

Final Spring 2020 forecast and live migration maps tonight (and some closing thoughts on the season)

As of June 9-10 Team BirdCast is calling spring 2020 a wrap. Our forecasts and live migration maps return on or about 10 August 2020. In the coming months we hope to follow several threads from stories we highlighted during the spring. Here are some possibilities.

Tropical Storm Cristobal

Here comes Tropical Storm Cristobal, forecast to make landfall in southeastern Louisiana on Sunday evening. With safety the top priority, we briefly highlight a few possible tropical and pelagic species that might appear far inland in the wake of the storm's passage.

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