Andrea redux (barely) and New England coastal storm: 13 June 2013

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab Jun 13, 2013

Thankfully, Tropical and Post Tropical Storm Andrea was neither an epic nor devastating storm. It moved rapidly from the Gulf Coast off the coast of New England, bringing heavy rains primarily, and its speed and eventual path made it mostly an ornithological bust. Some species may have been displaced, but probably the only noticeable appearances were coastalĀ Magnificent Frigatebirds in Georgia and the Carolinas. Generally, this storm was too weak, too fast, and too far East to produce.

Father’s Day weekend will bring another interesting and similar set of conditions to portions of New England, as a low pressure system quite characteristic of a Nor’easter tracks up the coast. It will bring heavy rains, very strong storms in the mid-Atlantic, and strong easterly and northeasterly flow to portions of coastal New England. The graphic below, from the Weather Channel, gives some indication of the orientation and speed of these winds. Sea-watching, where safe, should be interesting, particularly from Cape Cod on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.