Another BirdCast season in the books (with a few more pages to be added)

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab Nov 16, 2020

With dawn’s arrival today Team BirdCast officially closed the books on another migration season of forecasting where, when, and how many birds will migrate over the contiguous US.

On behalf of a large team of friends and family as well as the consortium of core partners at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Colorado State University, and University of Amherst Massachusetts, our team thanks all of you who spent time perusing our forecasts, pondering our interpretations, and (hopefully) ground-truthing our speculations! Forecasts will return in March 2021!

But fret not, BirdCast will continue to post content about interesting patterns between now and late winter (e.g. think movements related to irruptions, teleconnections, and extreme weather). Plus, “fall” migration will continue in many areas even into December, and “spring” migration begins for some species as early as January. Team BirdCast also has a number of topical discussions in the works, so please check back with us here at the website regularly!