Migration Alert: 18 April 2013

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab Apr 18, 2013

As forecast last week on the BirdCast site, a strong frontal boundary is moving East across the US. The high resolution image below, which is very large (!), shows light to moderate movements of inbound trans-Gulf migrants off the Texas coast (uniform and stippled pattern of blues) and an approaching cold front with strong storms and extensive precipitation. The timing of the frontal passage will coincide with the arrival of many passerines among a host of other migrants. Birders along the Texas coast have been primed for this event for a week, give or take, so now is the time to consider your fallout birding plans! Coastal habitats post-frontal passage should hold increasing numbers of migrants over the course of the day. Migrants offshore may continue to land overnight depending on the speed and extent of the front’s movement into the Gulf. Please submit all of your sightings to eBird, good luck, and most of all, be safe – some of the storms associated with this front are strong and may produce very high winds, hail, and lightning.