Migration alert: European vagrancy in northeastern North America

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab Apr 09, 2021

Winds over the North Atlantic are forecast to blow from the east this week, providing opportunities for European species to be blown across the ocean to North America. (check out previous posts). This pattern occurs with some regularity, and one way to learn more about it beyond our posts is to read further on the North Atlantic Oscillation and its teleconnections with weather and climate.

Circulation around high pressure in the North Atlantic near Iceland and Greenland  is creating strong east winds. This pattern has been in place for a few days, and will be in place for a few more (see below).

Birders are already keeping an eye out (see this conversation from Newfoundland), and hopefully many observers will keep an eye out in the Northeastern US and the Canadian Maritimes. A wealth of shorebird and landbird vagrants are possible (thoughts here from Bruce Mactavish), so go out birding this week and see if you can find any trans-Atlantic arrivals.