Seabirds in the desert (and the mountains), Part II: unusual occurrences of regularly occurring species in the southwestern US and Baja during Hilary

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab Aug 22, 2023

Please follow along on this live map to see reports of unusual hurricane-driven occurrences of regularly occurring species in the region. If you receive a message regarding a disconnection from the server, please reload. The map may take some time to load, and you may receive a “waiting” message, given the large number of observations of storm-driven birds!

The remnants of Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Tropical Depression Hilary are now far from landfall, passing through the northern Rockies and into Canada. The literal windfall (and precipitation!) of vagrant hurricane-driven birds is still growing, but so is the number of regularly occurring species in the region that are occurring in unusual numbers or in unusual locations associated with the passage of this system. These species are also indicators of the storm’s ornithological impacts.