Forecast and Analysis

Special Forecast Update, Bering Sea: 3-6 October 2013

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab Oct 01, 2013

A strong low pressure system is forecast to move across northeastern Asia and the northern Bering Sea late on Thursday 3 October and early on Friday 4 October. Forecasts call for strong westerly winds with this system, which is quite large, across a broad area of the Bering Sea and Alaska. Given the size of the system, and its strength, there is great potential for Asian vagrants to appear in the region. Hopefully our friends in the Aleutians, Pribilofs, and on St Lawrence Island will have a field day as this system passes by late in the week and early in the weekend! This has been an exciting fall so far in the Bering Sea, and there is still time for some additional vagrancy to keep things interesting . . .