Species on the move: BirdCast West, late March 2018

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab Mar 28, 2018

Hooded Oriole. Kathy Degner/Macaulay Library. eBird S43387713.

With regular arrivals of spring migrants occurring daily, or nearly so, throughout the US, Team BirdCast returns with species on the move spotlights. This week, we highlight some on-time, early and late arrivals in the BirdCast West region.

Scroll through the animation below to see this year’s pattern relative to the previous three years. Note that for species like Western Kingbird and Tree Swallow, spring 2018 has so far been about average for arrivals based on the percentage of checklists in eBird reporting the species. But for other species, like Barn Swallow, the pattern is distinctly different.

And furthermore, for species like Pacific-slope Flycatcher and Hooded Oriole, arrivals appear to be lagging behind previous years.

Pacific-slope Flycatcher. John Garrett/Macaulay Library. eBird S43990863.