Species on the move: Franklin’s Gull

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab Nov 11, 2020

Franklin’s Gulls have been on the move for many weeks, but November is often a month when this species appears far to the East of its typical staging haunts in the Great Plains. A report of 47 Franklin’s Gulls from Ohio today, in conjunction with the timing of a significant frontal passage (the image below shows the intense and widespread precipitation associated with the passage of the cold front), suggests that Wednesday afternoon through Friday morning would be well spent watching coastlines, water bodies and riverine systems from the Great Lakes east through New England and south into the Carolinas for these vagrant long-distance migrants.

Please submit any reports of this species to eBird, and please try to report the time you actually observed Franklin’s Gull. Check back for updates, and please visit eBird.org to check on recent observations.