Species on the Move, Global Big Day Edition: Great Knot

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab May 03, 2019

Shorebirds are on the move in Asia! Among an amazing array of species, we are fans, in particular, of Great Knot, an exceptional rarity in the Western Hemisphere and also a species declining in East Asian flyways where it is endemic.

Great Knot. Rui-Yang Ho/Macaulay Library. eBird S55243899

This species traverses the breadth of available landmasses in the Eastern Hemisphere, breeding in far northern tundra of East Asia and spending non breeding periods in portions of Southeast Asia and Australia. For those of you birding in Asia and Australia for your Global Big Day, we look forward to seeing your observations in eBird for this long distance and declining migrant!

Check out the map below to see observations in the last 30 days, noting in particular the arrivals in China and South Korea in the last two to three weeks.