Species on the Move: Olive-sided Flycatcher

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab Aug 18, 2017

Olive-sided Flycatcher. Miriam Barial/Macaulay Library. eBird S38576396.

Olive-sided Flycatcher is another interesting species on the move that we would like to highlight. With western populations breeding significantly farther south than those in more eastern boreal forests of Canada and the northern tier of the US, the potential to examine patterns of migration progression and differences in migration progression between populations is excellent. Not only are these patterns evident in the map below, whether you can look at and manipulate migration progression over the last 30 days; but they will also be striking in several weeks as this species departs North America for points farther south. Tune in for updates about this species on the move in a few weeks!

Olive-sided Flycatcher. Matt Davis/Macaulay Library. eBird S37339463.