The return of migration tools for the Fall 2022 season

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab Aug 01, 2022

The BirdCast team is pleased to welcome you back to our suite of migration tools for the Fall 2022 season as of today!

Although “fall” migration began as early as mid June for some individuals of some species, BirdCast has often used 1 August as a proxy for the fall migration season’s beginning. Numbers of birds are beginning to increase markedly in our radar data, such that avian movements are now readily apparent above summer’s typically heavy insect and bat activity in many areas. Observers are excitedly tracking movements of adult and young birds as they begin, engage in, and end their journeys from breeding and natal areas to non-breeding and wintering areas. Days are growing shorter and weather is slowly shifting (very slowly in some cases) away from summer patterns as the sun’s seasonal position in the Northern Hemisphere sky drifts toward the winter solstice.

What will this Fall Season hold for migration? How will patterns compare to previous years? Visit the Migration Dashboard to see how migration in your local county and state compare to previous years’ averages; or explore counties and states around the contiguous US!

Will we see another 850 million bird movement in early October (to view that night’s epic flight, check out 3 October 2021 in our live migration maps)?

Stay tuned and visit our live maps page to explore the season’s unfolding movements!