Tropical Activity on the Horizon

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab Aug 21, 2020

Three tropical systems, one deteriorating in the Pacific and two strengthening in the Caribbean and all highlighted by small reddish circles, are poised to make landfall in the US next week.

As we near the end of August and travel deeper into the heart of hurricane season, Team BirdCast like many other groups is watching the progress of three tropical systems that may make landfall in the US next week.

Tropical Storm Laura and Tropical Depression 14 (soon to be Marco) may arrive to the US Gulf of Mexico coastline during the same 24-hour period next week, a rather unique occurrence. And theĀ remnants of Hurricane Genevieve, now a tropical depression and perhaps soon to deteriorate even further, may come ashore in California next week.

Regardless of the intensities of these systems, their circulations and any remnants of circulations will almost certainly have noticeable avian impacts in their respective regions. BirdCast has covered numerous Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico storms (e.g. Isaias), but we have rarely had the opportunity to cover Pacific storms (and we wish we had covered this one!).

Check in with us for updates, including live observation tracking maps, in the coming days.