What’s that spooky pattern on radar on Halloween weekend? Birds!

Andrew Farnsworth The Cornell Lab Oct 30, 2020

and some bats, insects, and witches …

The BirdCast model is predicting 100 million + bird migration each night this weekend in the eastern and central US!

Spend your spooky Halloween evenings this weekend far away from everyone watching late season migration in the form of birds passing overhead against the face of the Micro Blue Moon! The BirdCast model predicts three nights of more than 100 million birds migrating this weekend, primarily in the eastern and central US. For those in areas predicted to experience rather intense migration, this will be a great opportunity to experience nocturnal migration by watching the moon, listening at night to vocal birds in flight or by observing tomorrow morning for new arrival and departures. In highly urbanized areas, especially cities along the central Interstate 95 corridor from New York to the Carolinas, it is also particularly important to turn off lights at night to avoid attracting birds into hazardous conditions in which they can collide with buildings and other structures.