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Andrew Farnsworth

Andrew Farnsworth is a Research Associate in the Information Science Program. Andrew began birding at age 5 and quickly developed his long-standing fascinations with bird migration. His current research efforts advance our use and application of rapidly expanding technologies available for studying bird movements at very small to very large scales including weather surveillance radar, acoustic monitoring, video monitoring and citizen science. Andrew’s current research projects aside from BirdCast also include BirdVox, an effort to apply machine learning techniques to automate the detection and classification of bird sounds and Dark Ecology, an effort to mine the more than 2.5 decade archive of US radar data in collaboration with University of Massachusetts Amherst. Additional research interests include a growing effort to understand artificial light, its effects on migrating birds in urban areas, in particular, and methods for quantifying changes in migratory behaviors to study these effects. Andrew has assembled a talented team of postdoctoral associates and graduate students working on a diverse array of migration-related projects. He completed a M.S. in Zoology with Dr. Sidney Gauthreaux using radar and acoustic technologies, followed by a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with Dr. John Fitzpatrick that focused heavily on flight call ecology and evolution and the application of knowledge of these topics to aid in conservation action aimed at migratory species and systems.

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