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Weather surveillance radar: beyond meteorology

Doppler weather radar data—like those shown in the animation above and often featured in weather broadcasts—can tell us much more than how much rain will fall on your weekend cookout. Here at BirdCast, we turn weather radar data into information on the numbers and flight directions of birds aloft in order to expand the understanding […]

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: How does weather radar work? How do radar ornithologists remove ground clutter (nearby trees, buildings, and objects) from radar data? How do radar ornithologists remove weather systems from clouds of birds? Are there returns from aircraft on weather radar? Is all of the continental U.S. covered by radar? How is radar data converted into […]

Team BirdCast expands!

Team BirdCast is thrilled to welcome its new members, namely Adriaan Dokter, Kyle Horton, and Cecilia Nilsson. Here’s the team at its first official gathering in Ithaca, NY on 10 August 2017. During fall 2017 look for biographic posts for each of the members, so you can get to know your newest BirdCasters!

BirdCast featured in the New York/Region NYTimes

BirdCast was featured prominently in the New York/Region section of the New York Times on 29 September 2015. Read the article here.

BirdCast featured in Nautilus Magazine

A new article is available that describes BirdCast and its place in the world of what big data are teaching us about nocturnal bird migration. Please visit the article here.

Definitions – BirdCast regions, species on the move, and migration amounts

BirdCast Regions For migration forecasts and analyses, we use the following divisions to represent the continental US. We use these regions because their component states have many migration patterns in common and because their component states’ proximity make for logical groupings. Without doubt, finer scale delineation based on analyses of the details of migration patterns […]

BirdCast is highlighted in 20 August 2013 Science Times

A recent article, entitled “Crowdsourcing, for the birds,” appeared on the front page of the Science Times in the 20 August 2013 New York Times. In addition to a Birdcast reference in the print article (and a link in the digital edition), the multimedia portion for the online version, entitled “21st century Birding,” features a […]

BirdCast receives Best Paper Award for the Computational Sustainability at AAAI Conference

Team BirdCast was the recipient of the Best Paper Award for the Computational Sustainability Track of AAAI-2013 (The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence), a recognition that is sponsored by the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) of the Computing Research Association (CRA) and was presented at the annual meeting in Seattle, Washington. The paper, entitled “Approximate […]

BirdCast referenced in 13 November 2012 Science Times

BirdCast was referenced in the New York Times in the Tuesday Science Times on 13 November 2012 in the story, “To Birds, Storm Survival Is Only Natural,” by Natalie Angier. Additionally, BirdCast PI Andrew Farnsworth was quoted in this article.

BirdCast covers the ornithological effects of Hurricane Sandy

Numerous articles linked and referenced the BirdCast website during the extensive media coverage of Hurricane Sandy. The following is a list of links to radio, print, and Internet coverage of the storm relevant to (or referencing) BirdCast. – EXCELLENT IDEA OF THE DAY: POST-SANDY BIRDING NewsDay – Exotic birds traveled to Long Island with Sandy […]

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